How to be ‘apptimistic’ in Mobile Marketing

Do you remember your first cell phone? We do. It was a Samsung flip-phone, perfect for texting, taking overly-pixelated pictures, and playing some kind of rendition of Nokia’s snake. Now, think back- how often did you use the internet on this phone? If you were a business person, we can only guess you used it […]

Why the Algorithm is King

Let’s be honest, Hollywood has warped the way we think when we hear the words artificial intelligence (AI), robot, machine learning (ML), or anything along those lines. Whether they are trying to replace us, destroy us, or even save us, anything in the realm of robotics and AI is not particularly high on the list […]

The changing role of marketing agencies

When you hear “marketing agencies”, what is the first thing that pops into your head? In my mind, marketing agencies are found in the tallest of buildings, located in the middle of the city, and filled with people buzzing with ideas, ready to hone in their clients’ next big campaign that will flood our streets, radios, newspapers, phones, etc. Basically, whatever you can lay your eyes on, or tune into- that is where you will see their next advertisement campaign. When you look past the

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