Search engine Advertising

Why Search Engine Advertising?

SEA offers the single most precise way to target people based on their actual intentions.
If you miss out, you miss one of the best opportunities to promote your business today.
Whether you already run search campaigns or not, Scalista is here to help you improve
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Your pain points, our solutions

Tracking is key.

 Extremely important to make data-driven decisions and smart targeting, yet the biggest pain-point for most businesses.

Leverage machine learning.

Manual optimizations are extremely important but ML technology is key to effectively allocate your marketing budget.

Think multi-channel

search might be just one step in your marketing mix. Make sure you integrate it into your strategy the right way .

Learn from Search Ads.

Product and sales can learn from search ads trend and search behavior. Scalista can help you leverage knowledge transfer to both directions.

SEA & SEO work together.

Search Engine Advertising (Paid) and Search Engine Optimization (Organic) have synergistic effects on each other. Capitalize on it!

Consider the whole funnel.

We make sure that each ad click leads to a good experience by looking into your landing pages, product and sales process too.

What Scalista offers in the scope of this service


Full tracking and analytics implementation. Conversion tracking setup for reporting and machine-learning based targeting optimization.


Keyword research & funnel optimization: We review your product, marketing website, sales process as well as your keywords, ad copies and campaign structure. We produce anything that’s missing.


Campaign creation and optimization in the context of your multichannel marketing strategy.


Big data reporting. We keep you informed and provide constant feedback to product and sales with automated reports.


Regular calls and consultation. To keep ideas and knowledge exchange flowing.

Don’t miss out on being able to target potential customers based on the interest and intent for your business.